NEw: CONNECTING young professionals & innovative companies.

What we do

We connect young professionals with innovative companies for a project based or a long term job. To provide even more value, we coach the newly found young professionals during a hands-on training to allow them to truly dive into the startup mentality.




Young professionals

Are you between 25 and 35 years old, with roughly 2 - 6 years of work experience? Then this is for you! We are looking for people with a doer-mentality, a curious mind, and the drive to find a job that matters.

You are motivated to work in an innovative, entrepreneurial and human-centered setting and curious about agile approaches, flexible structures and work cultures, where failures is allowed and where you meet people at eye-level.

If you possess a valid work permit for Switzerland and are available from October or November onwards (at least 51%), apply now! Find the fees for young professionals here.


innovative Companies

Is your company looking for a young professional for a project-based or a long-term collaboration? Is your organisation innovative in terms of products or work culture? Then let's talk.

We attract talents who want to get things moving rather than to preserve the status quo. We are deeply rooted in the startup ecosystem and reach a different kind of candidates.

Our weekly training sessions help the young professionals to connect the newly learned startup ways with the practical work experience in your company. Find the overview of the fees for companies here.


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We open the door to unique work experiences. Our candidates can explore inspiring work opportunities in startups, cutting-edge SME's or innovation labs.

Companies save time and get guided through innovative recruiting formats, where humans and not CVs are at the center. All companies get a hand-picked candidate recommendation! On top of that, the selected candidates and companies not only meet on the exclusive matching platform, but as well in person at the efficient Meet & Match event. Mindsets, soft skills & working culture are more easily tested and fitted this way. So catch your match!



We don't stop with the match. During the work experience, our weekly training sessions help the young professionals to connect startup approaches with the practical work experience in the company. In these weekly sessions, we look at topics such as startup mindsets and tools. They provide a 360° view of the innocation scene with the most important tools, players and locations. A personal 1-on-1 mentoring complets the learning journey.

Make the next step towards a new career chapter and let Future.preneurship open doors for you on the way. Good-to-know: There is the option of choosing the training only, if you already have a job in the innovation scene. Talk to us, if interested.

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  • Application

    Apply by creating your profile on our exclusive online platform. Applications are reviewed shortly after September 8. Profiles are only visible to participants after selection. Program spots are limited.

    Is the timing an issue for you? Drop us an email or leave your contact here.

  • Matching

    During this phase, candidates and companies are introduced. After being selected, you get access to the exclusive pool of companies and candidates. Companies get a hand-picked candidate recommendation.

    Candidates and companies meet and exchange not only online on our exclusive matching platform but also offline at our vibrant and fast-paced Meet & Match event on September 16. On this evening, all companies present themselves, followed by a speed-dating. Follow-up interviews are conducted until September 30.

  • Work & Training Experience

    Found your match? The starting dates of the collaboration may vary, yet a start in October/November is recommended. Young professionals benefit from our hands-on and modular training (October 10 - November 5, 2019) accompanying the new job. The three-hours training sessions take place on a weekly basis and cover the topics of:

    a) entrepreneurial approaches such as agile, lean and design thinking,
    b) innovative team cultures & startup tools,
    c) essentials in financial business concepts of startups and
    d) meaningful career creation.

    Choose the modules according to your needs. Plus, throughout the training you get a 360° overview of the local innovation scene with its players and places. Besides the modules, you get the option of choosing a personal expert for 1-on-1 exchanges wherein 2 sessions are included in the training fee. If both sides agree, you can extend the mentoring after the program.

    Good-to-know: Successful attendance of the innovation training earns you a certificate.




Annina and Isabel have known each other since high school. Their decisions took them down different paths but crossed again at Impact Hub Zürich. At Impact Hub Zürich, Annina used to be in charge of activities supporting startups and entrepreneurial careers since 2013. Isabel joined the Impact Hub Zürich team three years later as a Community Builder.

While working together, the two powerhouses decided to join forces in early 2018 to found Future.preneurship, a spin-off of Impact Hub Zürich. Together, they are on a mission to connect humans - not CVs. Today, they can build on seven years of successfully connecting students and innovative companies.






Our Roots

We are an official spin-off of Impact Hub Zürich, a community with over 1'500 entrepreneurs, techies and creatives. It's the hot spot for innovation and startups in Switzerland. The Impact Hub network is locally rooted and globally connected with over 100 cities.

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