Let us introduce you to the Startup & Innovation World. Find unique internships and get a chance to get into untested waters. Get prepared for the Future of Work.

Become a Future.preneur.


What do I get?



Only innovative work environments are selected for you. Explore internships and entry-level career opportunities in startups, innovation labs or incubators.
Too many good options? Good news. You can apply for multiple jobs with flexible starting dates.



You are not alone in this - we get you up to speed in the innovation scene. During your internship, you benefit from our training together with other Future.preneurs. Inspiring spaces in Zurich are our playground. To thrive in your new job you learn about the essentials: tools, approaches and players.

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  • Is it for you?

    It's simple. You are between 20-30 years old & possess a valid work permit for Switzerland. Hooked? Learn more on our channels: facebook, instagram and LinkedIn.

  • Apply!

    It's first applied, first served! By applying, you create your own profile. Catch one of the limited spots by signing up as early as possible.
    APPLICATION DEADLINE: 22 April, 2019, midnight

    Missed the application deadline? Leave your contact here to get informed for the next edition.

  • Are you in?

    Your profile is checked on criteria fit and quality. Students from our university partners get preferential access. If you made it through the selection, you get noticed latest by April 28th, 2019.

  • Find your match

    Congrats you are selected. Now it's time to show your interest and exchange with your favorite companies.
    Make sure to complete your profile (at least 75%) to show the companies who you are and to get started. Connect on our exclusive job platform and attend our Meet & Match event. At this buzzing event, you meet the people behind the organisations through a fun speed-dating format.
    Spots are limited - first registered, first served. Follow-up job interviews can take place until May 31 latest. By beginning of June you know latest, if you found a match. Now your Future.preneur adventure starts.

    Costs: A fee of CHF 95 applies for the Future.preneurship training. Thight financial situation? Talk to us about a reduction.

  • Start your work experience

    Just work? Nope. Besides your new job, you are now part of the Future.preneur Class and benefit from our inspiring training. Over the period of two months (June 25 - August 27, 2019) you learn the essentials of working in the innovation scene.
    Attend 70% of the sessions and earn your Future.preneur certificate. Make the future yours.

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What our participants say




We'll let you discover and learn about the innovation scene from within!

Future.preneurship is more than a matching platform - our in-depth training complements your practical internship experience. Get to know the essential tools, approaches and players in the field and explore with us the playground of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Over the period of two months, all interns take part in weekly classes, where they get to know the other participants (employers & Future.preneurs) and enjoy fun social activities at the Kick-Off and Wrap-up events. Become a certified Future.preneur by attending 70% of the classes. Take the unexpected career path of Future.preneurship and get one step closer to the future of work.


Training Topics

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You get introduced to the right players and visit vibrant locations with us. We help you to build a network to start working from by getting in touch with different founders & innovators. Plus, we take you to the heart of the innovation scene and discover co-working spaces, incubators, and innovation labs of larger corporations during our weekly classes.



Innovative techniques are as much an integral part of the training course as the entrepreneurial tools are. You learn about lean and agile management and get to know the design thinking approach. Experts from the practical sphere run the sessions, since you'll want to learn from people who know what they are talking about.

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You will learn about meaningful careers and about the future of entrepreneurship. We introduce you to new organisational structures like holacracy or sociocracy, plus you get a grasp of alternative compensation models.



A coach for appearance and practical rhetoric helps you optimize your negotiation skills. Moreover, conflict management and non-violent communication are on our schedule. And because all of us are sometimes just on the edge and suffer from stress, we look in to life domain balance and how to juggle all of your daily tasks.

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Our homebase is Impact Hub Zürich, a community with over 1'500 entrepreneurs, techies and creatives. It's the hot spot for innovation and startups in Switzerland and offers coworking within a vibrant community of creators. But you not only get access to the inspiring places of Impact Hub Zürich during the Future.preneur Training, you'll discover even more locations of the innovation scene.