Hire bright, young minds through Future.preneurship and we train your newly found interns in an unconventional & future-oriented way to bring them up to speed in the innovation scene!


WHAT DO i get?

 Summerpreneurship Meet & Match @ Impact Hub Zürich, Colab -- Bild:

Hiring Talents

You save time and reach fresh and eager minds when hiring with us. We grant you access to our diverse candidate pool with over 100 highly talented students from our numerous partner universities.

Let us guide you through innovative and efficient recruiting formats to find your match - your Future.preneur. Be part of a hiring process where humans and not CVs are at the center.


Future.preneur Training

We bring your Future.preneur to the next level by our action-based training. We make them familiar with the innovation sector and the latest entrepreneurial approaches. As the cherry on top, you benefit from free legal advice during the hiring process.


  • Is it for you?

    Your company fulfills the following participation criteria:
    * operates in Switzerland,
    * has a dedicated person for the newbie on site,
    * is an incorporated legal entity,
    * has an attractive job to offer, because either your company's product or your work culture can be described as innovative or impact-oriented
    * hands over real responsibility and not only delegates simple executing tasks

    Hooked? Learn more at our info event @Impact Hub Zürich.

  • Apply!

    It's first applied, first served! With your application you need to define the number of open internships, employment level (%), duration (min. 8 weeks), monthly salary and responsibilities. Furthermore, you create your company's profile. Make sure to complete your profile by at least 75% and catch one of the limited spots. Early birds & Impact Hub Zurich members get a discount.
    APPLICATION DEADLINE (EXTENDED): 20 March, 2019, midnight
    Missed the deadline? Drop us an email.

  • Are you in?

    Your application will be reviewed and with an interview with the Future.preneurship team your program fit will be checked. The interview is only mandatory if you are new to the program. Companies operating in MINT* areas and/or with female leaders get preferential access. If you made it through the selection, you get noticed latest by 23 March, 2019.

    *MINT stands for mathematics, informatics, natural sciences and technology

  • Find your Future.preneur

    Congrats, you are selected! By the end of April, you get access to our pre-selected talent pool. Now it's time to attract and convince your favorite candidates.
    How? Connect online on our exclusive matching platform and offline during our mandatory Meet & Match event (6 May, 6.30 pm). You pitch and meet candidates through a fun speed-dating setup. Save time and get surprised by unforeseeable matches through this highly efficient format. Follow-up job interviews can take place until the selection deadline, May 31, 2019. Catch your match!

    Facing legal challenges? Ask our lawyer for a legal advice and get the first session for free.

  • Future.preneurship Training

    You found your Future.preneur? Awesome. Besides the new job, the interns benefit from our inspiring Future.preneur Training from 25 June - 27 August, 2019. To thrive in their position, they get to know the essentials of the innovation sector: tools, approaches and players. So you have more time to focus on your work and the overall experience of your intern gets even more attractive.
    Not only the Future.preneurs benefit from a training. Employers get applicable insights into the future of hiring & people management and connect with inspiring entrepreneurs during our Kick-Off & Wrap-up event of the Future.preneur Training.

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What our participants say


Services & Fee's

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pay what you get

Startup Small
Participation 290 CHF 680 CHF 790 CHF 1180 CHF
Talent recruiting via multi-channel marketing campaign
Company portrait & posts on social media 1 3
Additional company exposure
Talent Pool
Pre-selection of candidates for talent pool (100+ pax)
Top talents reccomendation
Connecting Humans
Access matching platform with company profile incl. messaging function
Access Speed Dating Event ("Meet & Match")
Legal Support
HR legal advice by lawyer
Template internship contract
Startup Small
Matching & Training 20% of total internship salary (CHF 500 min.; CHF 2’500 max.) 20% of total internship salary
(CHF 500 min.; CHF 2’500 max.)
Training & Community
2 months of training (3h/week) for interns, plus 2 training sessions for employers. Certificate for successful participation.
2 months Impact Hub Zürich 'Community Membership' for intern
Exclusive networking & learning event (topic: future of work)
Expert Support
Access to experts for free support for your company's challenge
Startup Small
Follow-up Employment 40% of 1st monthly salary of follow-up employment 40% of 1st monthly salary of follow-up employment