Annina and Isabel have known each other since high school. Their decisions took them down different paths but crossed again at Impact Hub Zürich. At Impact Hub Zürich, Annina used to be in charge of activities supporting startups and entrepreneurial careers. She developed and managed the program “Summerpreneurship”, the early version of “Future.preneurship“, since 2013. Isabel joined the Impact Hub Zürich team in 2016 as a Community Builder.

While working together, the two powerhouses decided to join forces in early 2018 to found Future.preneurship, a spin-off of Impact Hub Zürich. Together, they are on a mission to connect humans - not CVs.

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Annina Menzi

Annina is a natural, warm-hearted connector, who strongly believes in the societal impact of healthy work environments and future-oriented occupations. Her background in sociology and economics brought her to the Impact Hub Zürich universe. Since 2013, she is part of the inspiring Impact Hub family and was in charge of fostering startups and entrepreneurial careers – a so-called ‘old furniture’ in this fast-paced and adventurous ecosystem;). Breathing all this startup air made her grasp for a new challenge: starting her own organisation. Born was Future.preneurship!

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Isabel Käshammer

Isabel is a trained work and organizational psychologist. Her joy of learning and her curiosity took her to different places and challenges. It has, amongst others, led her to do research in the field of behaviour change in India, to work as a consultant in IT recruiting in Zurich or to prototype a new staff exchange program in London. Her current adventure, co-founding Future.preneurship, is a matter of heart for her. She strives to help young bright minds to find a human-centered work place to unfold their full potential.

Our Roots


We are an official spin-off of Impact Hub Zürich, a community with over 1'500 entrepreneurs, techies and creatives. It's the hot spot for innovation and startups in Switzerland. The Impact Hub network is locally rooted and globally connected with over 100 cities.

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We'd love to hear form you. Drop us an email at info@futurepreneurship.ch



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